Music Performance Art

Selected projects

Logo of the SciFi Techno Opera 'TEK MATER' by MONSTERFRAU & Crystal Distortion

SciFi Techno Opera


Videostill of the video-installation 'MONSTERFRAU against Marduk'

 Video- , Sound- & PET-Sculpture

Picture of the performance serial 'MONSTERFRAU Stimmkörper' showing MONSTERFRAU in her mobile recording cabin standing in front of the Vienna International Center also known as UNO-City which is one of the United Nations' main quarters. MONSTERFRAU wearing the recording cabin seems as an absurd small version of the real building. The photographys arrangement shows MONSTERFRAUs voices body as being one part of the UNO City's buildings complex. The photo was taken by the viennese photographer Stephan Doleschal.


Photography of the performance 'THIS IS NOT A BURKA! Just clothes.' showing the performance artist Lena Wicke-Aengenheyster standing on Maria-Theresien-Platz in Vienna wearing niqab and kimar. She is looking straight into the camera. Her posture is straightforward and one can tell self esteem. On her right side two women are passing wearing western european contemporary summer fashion. The photo was taken by the viennese photographer Peter Mayr.

Performance & Reflexion

Performance and Business

Visual to announce the dance-performance 'Anomalic' by the french-congo artist Elisabeth Bakambamba Tambwe. The visual shows her belly and legs in pink tights. She seems to lie. Upon her sex flies a raw roast chicken as if they were having sex. The visual was designed by the french graphic designer Philippe Marescaux /karactere comunications apart from a photography taken by Agnes Zorell.


by Elisabeth Bakambamba Tambwe