MONSTERFRAU /Wicke-Aengenheyster performs the iPhoneCostume. Upcycling iPhones 4 and iPhones 5 to a new interface for musical and performance expression - up to 8 iPhones are turned into a powerful midi controller for movement control. Movements control instruments and effect racks in Ableton Live.
Videostill: Guido Cord / MFLWA 2019

Upcycling iPhones 4 and/or 5 to a powerful midi-controller as new interface for musical and dance performance expression (NIME/NIMPE):

Full body movements control music instruments and effects in Ableton Live. One finger point does the trick.

photo: Mitja Kobal 2017

The DIY-Hard- and Software developed by MONSTERFRAU together with Martin Moser was an important step towards the iPhoneCostume. Wearing five tilt sensors, three buttons, three pads and one endless potentiometer MONSTERFRAU controls music instruments and effects in Ableton Live. All of it wireless. To enable and disable the tilt sensors' data streams MONSTERFRAU is using a Midi-Controller aside from her body.

MONSTERFRAU's Synthesizersuit exhibited in Technical Museum Vienna having two Subtle Noisemakers on breast and belly with a multitude of buttons, faders and potentiometers covering her naked skin, a powerful wearable musical instrument
photo: Mitja Kobal 2018

Wearing two subtle noisemakers and the external control over an electron machinedrum near to your skin means to wear a soundcostume means to appear as sound means to change with your sound means to become the sound.