MONSTERFRAU & Herbert Lacina

Music Performance

Electronic Freejazz Noise

Waft matter in emptiness. A whir, a whiz, subjects fade away in an endless wide. A constant pulse.

Electric Coast

Forceful baselines connect to unlimited dimensions. Hard riffs become organic matter, upright waveforms are consumed by the discontinuity of the digital. Ready for ecstasy? Slow motion.

„A new chapter of hi-tech dance and computer assisted free improvised music.“

Heinz Gaderer


With her movements MONSTERFRAU effects the sound of a 12-string base played by Herbert Lacina . Tiltsensors on her body control FX-Racks in Ableton.

After her analogue synthesizer suit has become part of the Austrian National Technical Museums collection „Wearables“ she now plays 5 tiltsensors, buttons on her arm and und one endless potentiometer on her breast to effect an analogue Base.

MONSTERFRAU is understood as the Valie Export in electronic music.

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Premiered on june 24th, 2017 at Philosophy Unbound in Spektakel Vienna. Further performances i.e. at Sonic Territories Festival for Sound Art & Exploratory Music 2018 and WUK-Theatre Vienna 2019