may 10th to 12th, 8pm in WUK-Theatre Vienna

dance-performance by E. Bakambamba Tambwe /Cie Dixit

- They said: "Trust us

with photoshop we can make some miracle.".

So now,

I ' m a barbie girl

in a barbie world

life in plastic

it's so fantastic

you can brush my hair

and fuck me everywhere

I'm elastic

that's fantastic...

credits: Agnes Zorell

The cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry, the plastic surgery, the mass media and the digital technology create a fake reality of what a nice body should be. This invading illusion became the only reality we refer to. Everyone wants to look like magazine fashion models with their photoshop-improved perfect bodies. There are different aspects of manipulation and transformation: On the one hand, we can go against the mainstream and live the reality of our bodies as it is. This first part could be titled:

TIME IS RUNNING or UNFORMATTED BODY. This is a body which resists the illusions of progress and accept the cruel reality of time. I form a human sculpture with many clothes. Theses unfashionable outfit creates a kind of beauty that does not age. It is a sculpture made to last. On the other hand, we can take the risk to be part of the mainstream. This second part could be titled:

TIME IS FROZEN or THE FORMATTED BODY. Underneath the pressure of the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry and the marketing, there is a proposition for a new social contract where no one has to be stuck with who he is as long as he can pay for it. Basically, they can turn anyone into whoever he wants to be. I am turning a simple chicken into a nice gorgeous blond. This is the failure of their proposition. This argument between these two positions brings us to the last part:

TIME IN SUSPENSION or BODY IN WORK IN PROGRESS. There is gender confusion, we are between two worlds. Who gave birth to the other one? Is it the women to the chicken or the chicken to the woman? Anyway, they're both like sex -toys, like a strange doll with human body and chicken sex.



review /photos and critique

Idea, concept, dance - E. Bakambamba Tambwe, music - Gilles Leleu, videocut - Francois Ntambue, photography Agnes Zorell, dramaturgie - Johannes Maile. Thanks to Stéphanie Cumming, polyklamott, Benoît Jouan.

A STAATSAFFAIRE /Lena Wicke-Aengenheyster production in Coproduction with WUK-Theatre Vienna, in Collaboration with Théâtre Garage "Cie Oiseau-Mouche" Roubaix/F. Kindly supported by MA7 Vienna and bmukk Austria.

Shown in the framework of Jacuzzi -Some Days Of Performance & Party in WUK-Theatre Vienna (May 10th-12th, 2010), Le Vivat Armentières /F (Nov 6th, 2010), Festival Tanzwut in Kosmostheatre Vienna /AT (Nov. 16th-17th, 2010)