On the Move - Crossing Under the Border


Nov 12th, 7pm at DasWerk Vienna, Werkerei

On the move - Crossing Under the Border

Videos and Performances by

Hakan Pehlivan (TK), Vedat Colak (BG/TK), Burak Baskin (TK), Fatih Kosker (TK), Serpil Gullu (TK), Miss Universe (TK), Larisa Crunteanu (RO), MONSTERFRAU with Sasha (D/AT/SRB)

In how far is being a migrant the constitutive condition of an artist and a kind of vision for all of us - crossing borders, living ones life as an experiment, being in motion, being on the move. Migration not only understood as a motion crossing national borders but as well as a motion within one and the same - crossing social, cultural and more borders. Being on the move means comunication, mobility and always thinking forward.

organized by STAATSAFFAIRE with STAATSAFFAIRE: Lena Wicke-Aengenheyster /MONSTEFRAU (D/AT), Miss Universe (TK/AT), Susanne Schuda (AT), CARPE ARTEM: Markus Draese (D), KUME SANAT DERNEGI: Hakan Pehlivan (TK), Vedat Colak (BG/TK), Burak Baskin (TK), Fatih Kosker (TK), Zeynep Pehlivan (TK), Serpil Gullu (TK), AVmotional: Larissa Crunteanu (RO), Kulturpark 3000 /G, Ducatus Teschinensis/CZ. Kindly supported by Lifelong Learning Programme/European Comission.