Friday, april 29th, 11pm at brut Vienna

MONSTERFRAU War & Terror, dj-Set - party-Set

Techno, dubstep and breakbeats with orchestrated war-sounds and political vocals stating varied truths.

Relaxation. Open your mind and feel how you re totally yourself. Allow your spirit to accept everything he perceives. Allow all your thoughts and perceptions to come and go, like clouds in the summers sky. Become an observer and enjoy your relief.

TAGs: General David Petreus, ISISs farther, CIAs secret army, cuisine de mensonge, Merkel, Obama, human rights as weapon, Samantha Power, humanitarian bombers, Sunni against Shiite, counter-insurgency strategy, John Allen, ISISs saviour, phoney war, Erdogan, supply line, european youngsters, fanatics, Heckler & Koch, german exports

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visual by

Philippe Marescaux /karactè